We will be first launching the ETHW lending market, alongside bridged USDT and USDC from multi-chain. This will perform standard lending market duties for the PoW ecosystem. Next we will introduce our overcollateralized stable coin $USW, modelled after DAI and backed by the only liquid asset in the PoW ecosystem: ETHW.
Users will be able to stake ETHW and mint $USW.
We will then be setting up a simple Uni v2 style AMM and add ETHW-USW LP. This will allow PoW users to stake ETHW, mint $USW and go long on ETHW with it. These two tools will kickstart the ETHW ecosystem and allow the build of various other Dapps on top.
Finally we will be launching a stable swap to allow the pairing of $USW against other stablecoins on the chain.