Tokenomics & Protocol Fees

PAPER (PPR) is a fixed supply token with 1,000,000,000 PPR in total.
10% Launch - UniWswap Launchpad. 10% Operations - Initial Marketing/Partnerships, LP & Bug Bounties. 6 month linear vesting schedule. 10% Team - Founders, Early Contributors, Advisors. 12 month linear vesting schedule. 70% Liquidity Mining - All emissions go towards incentivizing lending/borrowing markets and LPs.
80% of the PPR is deployed in the unitroller contract with the remaining to be used for launchpad and initial farms.


Emissions are designed to ebb and flow in line with revenues. If revenues are high, emissions are increased, if they are low they are expected to decrease. In due course token holders have control over calibrating this.
Emissions will be used to reward the Borrow side of the market to focus on fee incentivization.


We will implement protocol revenue passthrough from the 2nd month of launch to token holders.
Those who supply to LP and stake will become eligible for protocol revenue pass through.
80% of all platform revenues are passed back to those who provide LP (pair and location to be specified) and lock in staking. 20% of revenues are used by the team for operational expenses.
All revenues of the protocol will be sold for ETHW and sent to the reward contract for lockers to harvest.


Those who lock liquidity receive pLP tokens as receipt. These pLP may be transferred to others if you wish to exit without having reached the unlock time. These pLP tokens may be used in various protocols including PaperDAO at a future date.
pLP token holders also get access to special discord channels where future strategies of the project are planned along with governance transition.